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Comprehensive HVAC offer SYSTEM FLOWAIR

system flowair zone

What is the smart SYSTEM FLOWAIR?

SYSTEM FLOWAIR is a comprehensive HVAC solution that ensures comfortable thermal conditions in a facility all year round, at the same time minimising energy consumption. Thanks to innovative algorithms, its application (even to installations that already exist at the facility) allows for an improvement in functionality, efficiency, and energy efficiency of HVAC devices.

The integration of all devices from the FLOWAIR offer into a single, centrally controlled SYSTEM provides the possibility of easy management of their operating parameters and ensures their compatibility, which was once possible only with extensive BMS systems.

Combine all devices into a single organism

All devices included in the FLOWAIR offer can be connected to the smart SYSTEM FLOWAIR. It means that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning devices know precisely when they are supposed to work in order to meet the conditions set for the facility, at the same time counteracting energy losses. 

The smart T-box controller with a touchscreen display, which is the brain of the SYSTEM, will allow you to control all devices from one place. Thanks to the possibility of creating separate temperature zones, you can also control multiple spaces at a time. 

integracja urządzeń w jeden organizm
Rozwiązanie zgodne ze środowiskiem

HVAC solution in harmony with the environment

Designing our solution, we focused on creating a comprehensive and smart system integrating our HVAC products in a way that meets the requirements of the natural environment. Our approach is based on three key values: customer centricity, innovation, and environmental protection.

Make real savings with central control

Did you know that by using SYSTEM FLOWAIR you can save up to 35%* of energy, reducing operating costs?

SYSTEM FLOWAIR is obtained by combining traditional products, such as heaters, air curtains, and rooftops, with new control and communication technologies. It is an innovative solution adapted to the client's individual needs that provides certainty while making safe investment decisions.

*calculations made for a facility using automatic destratification, OXen ductless ventilation, and gate security measures.

The main purpose of SYSTEM FLOWAIR is to automate and optimise the work of all FLOWAIR devices, to improve their efficiency, and to save energy. Thanks to automatic destratification, freecooling, freeheating, and heat recovery, we can use existing heat energy instead of generating it.

SYSTEM FLOWAIR is a comprehensive offer integrated with a single controller. It enables the use of HVAC solutions supplied by a single producer in a project. Additionally, FLOWAIR Project Support will help you select devices that meet your requirements and will prepare all the essential files, saving you time and resources.

Using smart solutions, you build your competitive advantage, guaranteeing secure maintenance of flow thanks to decentralised automation and the possibility of i.a. dividing the facility into temperature and ventilation zones. SYSTEM FLOWAIR also means a lower cost of wiring the investment and a full manufacturer's warranty.

Above all, SYSTEM FLOWAIR offers ease of connection and simplicity of control that save your time. Additional functionalities and the integration of devices into a single body brings operational savings and minimises heat losses.

Advantages of a smart solution

System personalisation

31 devices that can work in 31 independent zones, and may be controlled with just one T-box controller, adapting control to individual needs.

Connection and security

The controller automatically detects and recognises the connected devices, displaying the control menu for these devices only. The menu is additionally secured with a password.


SYSTEM FLOWAIR limits heat loss in a building, for example, by means of dynamically securing doors with air curtains or recovering heat energy from the air that is being removed from the room.


Smart heating uses excess heat accumulated in the building, for example, in the upper levels of the room, or the heat obtained during technological processes.

Learn about the system's function and capabilities

Get to know the specifics of the SYSTEM's operation. Discover Automatic destratification, compensation ventilation, operation in emergency shutdown, curtain delay time, and many other features.


Any questions? Contact us!

SYSTEM FLOWAIR is a comprehensive offer combined with smart control. Contact us and we will answer all your questions. We will also prepare a comprehensive solution tailor-made for you.