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Who we are?

We are a group of ambitious, energetic people who are passionate about discovering new technologies and developing better solutions. At FLOWAIR, we value every opinion and every idea. We believe that every person can make a valuable contribution. We appreciate passionate people who know that the things they do have a purpose. We hire staff from different backgrounds - sales, logistics, and marketing specialists, engineers, technologists, as well as production workers. We consider a person's character as important as their skills and experience. We are looking for people who can share our #FLOW. This is the element we are looking for in the candidates and our prospective employees. Are you an expert at what you do? Would you like to become one of us? Send us your application! We are keen to tell you what it looks like from our point of view.

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Our locations

The company's headquarters, which is the heart of FLOWAIR, is based in Gdynia, in Chwaszczyńska street. We have been associated with Pomerania since the beginning of our operations. Our headquarters, production plants, and research lab are all located there. Most of the jobs we are recruiting for are based in that location.  

It is not far from the Tri-City bypass road, or the S6 expressway (Gdynia Wielki Kack interchange - junction for Trasa Kaszubska).  It can be reached by car, public transport, by bicycle or scooter. If you don't know which mode of transport is best for you, ask the person in charge of recruitment, who will be happy to help and advise you. 

Outside of Gdynia, you can find us in Opaleń, where the second production plant is located, and in our regional office in Bielsko-Biała.

Why is it good to work for us?

We'll help you get started

We want you to feel that you are part of our FLOW from the very start. That is why we pay so much attention to the induction of new employees. We are open to sharing our knowledge and experience.

We maintain a friendly atmosphere

Everyone is equal, we can say "Hi" to our managers when we meet them in the hall. We are a close-knit team that plays together to one goal. We all work to achieve our shared business goals but we do it in our own ways. We can be ourselves and feel at ease here. 

We listen to our employees

We like people who take initiative. We like people who are creative, inventive, and ambitious. We believe that everyone can make a valuable contribution, and therefore we try to listen to our employees, giving them the opportunity to propose and occasionally implement changes too.

We are close to one another

All of us work on-site, which means that you can speak to everyone and watch the entire process – from production, through sales and technical support, to service support. If you need support from another department, all you need to do is knock on the right door.

We provide development opportunities

Knowing that development means different things to different people. For us, development means being able to implement interesting projects in different areas, involving different technologies and product groups. It means the opportunity to widen your horizons. If you would like to develop in a different area after some time, we are open to it! There are many such cases in our organisation. 

We work together

We are not robots; it's obvious that challenging projects and complex tasks stress us out; still, our willingness to face challenges, the chance to develop our skills, consultations with other experts, and the satisfaction felt at the completion of a project are so important to us that we accept the challenges and work together! 


FLOWAIR employees can purchase private medical packages and group life insurance. The medical care package provides employees with access to medical care facilities in all parts of the country. It covers a wide range of medical services: from occupational medicine and primary care consultations, through specialist consultations, to diagnostic tests. Everyone can choose the best option for themselves, depending on their needs.

We want our employees to have the necessary knowledge and skills that will make the goals set for them easier to achieve. For this reason, training is adapted to the current needs of employees and of the organisation. 

We want to support all those who care about sports and fitness; therefore, all employees can purchase Multisport cards on the preferential terms that we have negotiated.

We work with a coach and mentor who helps our employees work out their development needs, diagnose and verify their expectations, and who supports us in finding the best solutions.

Employees who use foreign language skills in their everyday work have the opportunity to access one-to-one English lessons adjusted to their needs and level of proficiency. The other employees who wish to improve their language skills can benefit from group lessons with our native speakers.

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Do you want to work with us?

What are the stages of the recruitment process?


Send us your CV

Apply to us, remembering to include the necessary information pointed out in the advert (e.g. professional licenses or experience in a given area). We don't want to miss your application! Let us get to know you.


Candidate selection

Our recruitment team will perform a selection of applications. We are looking for people who match the job description but we try to spot the people with high potential. If you have no relevant experience but there is something you would like to share with us or tell us about, you can write about it! We will certainly read your application.


It's time for verification

Let's talk! If your application catches our attention, we will invite you to a meeting or we will hold a video call with you. We want to learn about your experience but, above all, we want to meet you and see if you share our FLOW.


Decision, hiring and onboarding!

The next stage in the process is the decision – we, as well as you need to decide whether we want to work together or not. We want to make sure that the decision is mutual. We would like you to be as sure as we are about your willingness to join our team. You will receive feedback from us, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

HR manager

Do you want to ask us a question? Contact us - we will help you!

Joanna Przybysz

+48 505 368 499