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Service support

pomagamy na obiektach

Do you have a problem or a defect? We can help you!

Every service procedure is different. If a problem has occurred, contact us to find the best solution. Some problems can be solved immediately, remotely, some require our support on the site or the involvement of an Authorised Service Provider, while in some cases, we ask for the product to be sent back to our main headquarters.

Please read the information below before submitting your complain.

  • We will process each notification as soon as possible.
  • Remember to contact with us before you send your device to us.
  • A FLOWAIR employee will contact you for further steps.
  • In case the complaint proves to be unfounded, the customer will be charged transport costs and other costs related to the diagnostics of the goods. 
  • The customer is obliged to send the goods back in the original packaging. If the customer does not have it, substitute packaging that fully protects the goods against damage in transit can be used. Please remember to fill out the waybill in a legible manner and keep a copy of it.
  • The shipment must include all the required documents. Failure to include them or inadequate filling of important information about the fault or of customer data may result in the submission being rejected.

What is the complaints procedure?


Contact with us on or fill the form on our contact page.


If you fill the form on contact page, as soon as you receive an email confirming, you can be sure that we will deal with the issue without delay.


We will contact you within as soon as possible to discuss the next steps in the complaints/returns procedure.


We will be trying to solve your problem as fast as we can.

Do you need support with the installation of the device?

Do you have any questions? - We're always keen to help! Contact service support.