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Support at every stage of implementation

We know your facility, we can help you.

We accompany our clients at all stages of the investment process. Experienced staff members supervise the initial start-ups, provide training on the operation of equipment on the site, provide technical support to the end customer, and complete warranty formalities.

In addition to that, thanks to the online monitoring service, we are able to detect some problems and fix it even before the service call. 

Not only do we sell solutions but cooperation with us entails the start-up and integration of devices at the facility as part of the SYSTEM FLOWAIR. In addition to that, our engineers provide support on completed investment projects. The paid service includes the verification of the correctness of wiring and configuration of devices, as well as testing the operation of work algorithms.

Don't worry about warranty inspections! As part of the cooperation, we can help find a cyclic service covering the necessary operations that guarantee a reliable and efficient operation of the equipment.

Is your gas heater worn out? Contact us and we will extend its lifespan. We offer a gas equipment regeneration service that will keep your heater working for years to come.

monitoring Cube

Remote monitoring for Cube rooftop devices

The remote monitoring service allows for a constant supervision of the operation of devices and provides access to their operating parameters. Thanks to GSM solutions, we are able to respond immediately, solving up to 80% of problems remotely. This eliminates the risk of production downtime caused by unsuitable temperature conditions in the hall. 

With FLOWAIR  you can be sure of the continuity of your business.

Don't throw things away! Regenerate them!

Did you know that you can regenerate your gas heater?

In line with the zero-waste idea, we would like you to enjoy using our device as long as possible. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive device regeneration service Robur, which entails:

  • device cleaning,
  • replacement of a set of seals and combustion chamber tightness test,
  • replacement of ignition electrodes,
  • replacement of the ionisation electrode,
  • replacement of the exhaust fan or ventilation blower,
  • detailed report with device operating parameters.
regeneracja robur

What support can you count on?





Extended warranty

Sale of replacement filters

Online monitoring

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Want to learn more?

With us, you'll get an offer delivered on time. We support our clients from the project stage, through technical consultations, to training and start-up supervision.