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Luna heating and cooling device

Luna is a versatile unit for heating and cooling representative spaces. Luna is all about comfort - advanced controls and a modern design that fits into any environment. The innovative spatial air distribution ensures optimal temperature distribution in the room. In addition, the components used allow efficient cooperation with low-temperature heat sources, ensuring that operating costs are minimised. 

Product description

Due to the use of actuators, the automatic 360° air supply always delivers air at the optimum angle. The supply nozzle can operate in automatic or manual mode. Manual mode allows the user to adjust the nozzle from the T-box Zone controller. Luna devices can also work with other devices within the FLOWAIR SYSTEM.

Centrally controlled devices know exactly when to operate, which results in a variety of savings. The T-box controller with touchscreen display, which is the brain of the SYSTEM, also controls all devices from one place.

Luna baner

Basic parameters

Basic parameters
Heating capacity 32,5 kW (70/50°C 16°C)
Cooling capacity 14,6 kW (7/12°C przy 26°C dla 55%)
Air flow 700 - 3500 m3/h
Installation height up to 8 m
Acoustic pressure level 37 - 54 dB(A)
EC fan Variable air flow adjustment
360o air supply nozzle Automatic moving nozzle

Luna was designed for use in open, high spaces. High-performance components combined with proprietary operating algorithms guarantee that the set temperature is reached quickly.

Luna units provide comfort even when working with low-temperature heat sources. In addition, intelligent temperature management algorithms take care of operational savings.

The modern minimalist design and the ability to personalise the case allows it to fit into any room.

 The automatically adjustable innovative 360° air supply nozzle guarantees even air distribution regardless of the unit's mode or height.


SYSTEM FLOWAIR, the intelligent control

The Luna units are equipped with a complete power and control automation system. The built-in freely programmable controller enables a wide range of communication options with the device. Proprietary operating algorithms adapted to the design of the equipment guarantee energy-efficient operation. Possible integration into external control systems like Modbus RTU and into FLOWAIR SYSTEM.

Operation of the device

The air is drawn in from above the unit by a radial fan. It is then directed to the water exchanger and discharged into the room through a 360° movable nozzle, at an appropriate angle depending on the operating mode of the unit. Luna is designed to operate on circulating air. However, by supplying ventilation ducts above the unit, it can operate on ventilated or mixed air, thus enabling it to work with Cube units. 

Functions of Luna

  • heating, 
  • cooling, 
  • air recirculation/mixing, 
  • automatic destratification, 
  • room air distribution, 
  • room air filtration (optional), 
  • cooperation with heat pumps.
coopertaion with heat pump

Cooperation with heat pump

Luna is a unit that is ready for the challenges posed to us by the European Union's climate policy, which means that the heating and cooling sector must be decarbonised. All units use efficient components that make it possible to maintain room comfort even when working with low-temperature heat sources. Advanced control ensures service-free interoperability with heat pumps. Another advantage of the solution is that it uses water as the heating or cooling medium, which increases safety and decreases the impact on the environment compared to air conditioning systems which use CFCs.

Luna technical data

Luna 2H Luna 2HC Luna 4HC
Air flow (1) [m3/h] 700 - 3500 700 - 3500 700 - 3500
Heating capacity [70/50/16oC] [kW] 32,5 32,5 10,8
Cooling capacity [7/12/26oC 55%] [kW] - 14,6 10,3
Acoustic pressure level (2) [dB(A)] 37 - 54 37 - 54 37 - 54
Power supply [V/Hz] 230/50 230/50 230/50
Max. current consumption [A] 1,7 1,7 1,7
Range (3) [m] 8 8 8
Mass of the device [kg] 33 33 33
(1) When air is discharged under the device, air flow is 85% of the rated air flow
(2) The acoustic pressure level is given assuming operation with a filter, air discharge under the device and a soundproofed room. Room volume 3000 m3, distance
from sound source 5 m, reverberation time 2.0 s.
(3) Vertical range of non-isothermal jet at ΔT = 5oC and maximum speed of 0.5 m/s; the range of capacities and temperatures is determined for the following
parameters: fan speed I, heating medium temperature 40/30°C, device inlet temperature 20°C – fan speed III, heating medium temperature 110/90°C, device
inlet temperature 0°C.

Luna installation

Mounting options

Luna units are ideal for high rooms with open ceilings, but the design of the unit also allows the units to be mounted in a suspended ceiling. During installation, the required distances must be maintained.

Luna montaż

Luna dimensions

Luna wymiary

Download files

Want to learn more about the product? Check the technical documentation, design files or marketing materials prepared for you.

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