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Zero waste


Zero waste manifesto

We want to change the world for the better, wherever we can. The Earth does not have inexhaustible resources, we can`t only want more.

Each of us would like to live in a world where cleaner energy is produced, where there are no exhaust gases, smog, ecological disasters and the greenhouse effect. It will probably never be possible, but even if it could be possible in the distant future, before we produce anything (including energy), we should always try to use what is already there.

FLOWAIR gives new life to devices

Our warehouses contain devices used for laboratory tests, devices that have been used on the fairs, devices repaired by the service department and devices that are no longer available in the offer. A bit forgotten... We want to give them a new life, find a "new home". You will find them in our outlet - cleaned, repaired, maybe without the original packaging - but functional and able to work for many years.

flowair gives new life to devices

FLOWAIR supports the "zero waste" lifestyle

"Zero waste" is a lifestyle according to which people try to generate as little waste as possible and thus not pollute the environment.

All discarded materials can become resources.
We want to use what has already been produced, we try to prevent waste at the source.

Therefore, by reusing raw materials obtained from processing equipment, we save the natural resources of our Earth.

FLOWAIR means solid products

FLOWAIR devices are solid products, designed for many years of operation in facilities and made with attention to every detail. 

We use high-quality components. We want our solutions to work as long as possible. And if a fault does occur, it should not result in replacing the entire device with a new one, but in repairing a single element.

system flowair zero waste

FLOWAIR saves energy and protects the environment

We create devices with a high level of heat recovery, such as OXeN or rooftop Cube. Efficiency of 74-94% allows you to reduce heating costs and save energy. But to achieve more energy savings, you need not only energy-saving devices but also communication between them. That is why the FLOWAIR SYSTEM was created, which not only integrates the operation of devices, but above all allows their cooperation to ensure better thermal comfort and energy efficiency.