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Roof fans UVO

Roof fan UVO - UVO H is a group of roof fans providing adequate air circulation in a room by extracting exhaust air.  The UVO H fan is a solution for industrial facilities that require effective ventilation. The fans are characterised by horizontal discharge and are designed for ventilation of rooms in industrial buildings such as warehouses and production halls.  The fan is easy to install and is equipped with high-efficiency motors, which saves electricity.

Product description

Together with heaters equipped with a mixing chamber, they form the simplest ventilation system in the facility without the need for additional installations. UVO units can also be combined with other units within the SYSTEM FLOWAIR.

Centrally controlled devices know exactly when to operate, which results in a variety of savings. The T-box controller with touchscreen display, which is the brain of the SYSTEM, also controls all devices from one place.

Wentylator dachowy UVO baner

Basic parameters

Air flow 1400- 6300 m3/h
Mass 12,3 — 47,6 kg
Color grey/black
Casing ABS plastic

EC fans used in UVO ensure quiet and energy-efficient operation of the unit.

LEO + KM + UVO is the easiest way to create forced ventilation in a room without the need for additional systems.

FLOWAIR offers accessories that allow UVO to be easily installed on various types of roofs.

UVO technical data

UVO H 1.4 EC UVO H 4.2 EC UVO H 6.3 EC
Power supply [V/Hz] 230/50 230/50 3x400/50
Current consumption [A] 1,3 1,5 1,7
Power consumption [W] 275 330 1000
IP 44 44 44
Maximum vacuum[Pa] 460 480 530
Air flow [m3/h] 1400 4200 6300
Mass [kg] 12,3 22,1 47,6

UVO dimensions

Wentylator dachowy UVO wymiary 1.4
Wentylator dachowy UVO wymiary 4.2
Wentylator dachowy UVO wymiary 6.3

Download files

Want to learn more about the product? Check the technical documentation, design files or marketing materials prepared for you.

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Technical Documentation pdf pobierz
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Catalog card pdf pobierz

Want to know more?

Remember that we are here to help you at every stage of implementation. Do you need help selecting devices or design, or maybe you have some questions about the product? Contact us, we will help.