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Rooftop Cube do montażu bezkanałowego render

Rooftop Cube ductless system

The ductless Cube is used for full air treatment all year round. The use of the NW supply module makes it possible to create a device for ductless operation. This makes the design and implementation of investments simpler and faster. In addition, in the case of decentralised solutions, the user gains the possibility of independent control and greater security. 

Product description

The compact Cube 20 NW, Cube 40 NW and Cube R8 NW are all-in-one solutions that provide heating, ventilation with heat recovery and, in some variants, cooling. They can be equipped with a water heater with a circulating pump and 3-way valve, an electric heater or a gas unit heater. The Cube ductless unit is a refrigeration unit, rotary heat exchanger, heater and Siemens Climatix automation system contained in a single housing.

 The use of high-efficiency heat recovery and EC fans allows the device to already meet the Eco-design requirements, which have been tightened since 2018. In addition, the Cube device is adapted to work with the FLOWAIR SYSTEM. In combination with other devices from the FLOWAIR range and the T-box controller which serves as the brain of the SYSTEM, this solution will provide full temperature comfort while operating from one place.

Rooftop Cube do montażu bezkanałowego referencje

Basic parameter

Air flow up to 8000 m3/h
Fresh air for Ecodesign up to 8000 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency for Ecodesign 73,1%
Heating capacity 20-181 kW

Cube is a wide range of devices. The devices are manufactured with parameters tailored to your facility, regardless of its size.

The Cube unit is equipped with an advanced system for controlling the flow of air. Regardless of the length and distribution of the duct system and the settings of the diffusers, Cube will always maintain a constant flow. This ensures uninterrupted, comfortable working conditions in the facility.

Air ducts can be connected in many ways. This will ensure that the air is distributed in an optimal way.


SYSTEM FLOWAIR, the intelligent control

Controlling the rooftop Cube is simple and intuitive. As a standard, each Rooftop Cube is equipped with an advanced Siemens Climatix controller with a room setter and a complete measurement, control and alarm system. It can also be controlled via a single T-box controller with a touchscreen display as part of the FLOWAIR SYSTEM. The controller allows operating algorithms to be managed and the supply temperature of individual rooms to be adapted to the needs of the facility.

Advantages of the unit

  • Innovative operating algorithms and multiple functionalities make Cube devices operating within the FLOWAIR SYSTEM reduce operating costs.
  • Cube is a complete heating, ventilation and cooling system in one housing. No need to add more modules reduces investment costs.
  • The device uses modern, energy-efficient EC fans, which reduce electricity consumption. This will ensure that the capacity of the duct system can be adjusted smoothly.
  • A rotary heat exchanger built inside the unit ensures efficient heat recovery without the need for an external unit.
  • Transport handles located at the top of the unit allow quick lifting without the need for a traverse.
  • The Rooftop Cube is designed to minimise heat loss, while the 50mm mineral wool insulated enclosure guarantees quiet operation of the unit.
  • The roof base with roof penetration and vortex diffuser allows the unit to be fitted and air to be supplied directly to the room without the need for ductwork. 

Cooling system in Cube 20NW and 40NW

The application of inverter compressors, tandem compressors or multi-circuit systems makes it possible to adjust the cooling capacity to the current demand. The Cube 20NW and 40NW duct system provides full air treatment all year round.


Wide range of installation options

The Cube ductless system is mounted on the roof of the building. A roof base with a roof penetration and an integrated vortex diffuser allows the system to be seated and direct air supply and exhaust from the room. The assembly consists of two steps.

Step 1

Prepare the substructure.

Rooftop Cube do montażu bezkanałowego montaż 1
Rooftop Cube do montażu bezkanałowego montaż 2

Step 2

Place the base with the diffuser and the equipment.
For rooms with thicker ceilings, it is possible to adjust the length of the roof penetration.

Implementation of Rooftop Cube

Learn more about the Rooftop Cube.
Find out more about the functionalities brought by the Cube as part of the FLOWAIR SYSTEM and learn more about our systems.

Download files

Want to learn more about the product? Check the technical documentation, design files or marketing materials prepared for you.

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