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DRV V Control module

Control module delivered in set with LEO BMS unit, which enables connection to T-box controller and integration with FLOWAIR SYSTEM. Single DRV V module enables to control one LEO BMS unit. In DRV V module has connectors, which allow to connect up to 31 following DRV V modules and to control all of the units via single T-box controller. 
DRV V control module makes possible connection to BMS system. It is possible to set up to 31 addresses. Setting the address for each unit enables independent loading and saving their operating parameters separately.

Technical data

Name of control module DRV V
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Dimensions 175x125x55 mm
Operating temperature range 0 +60 oC
Number of supported units 1
Max. wire diameter 2,5 mm2

Download files

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Certificates pdf pobierz
Technical Documentation pdf pobierz
BMS documentation pdf pobierz

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