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LEO H ceiling fan

 LEO H is a series of industrial HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) ceiling fans, which allow to pump large volumes of air at the same time with low rotor speed and low power consumption. Their main function is to destratify and create an apparent cooling and heating effect.

Product description

The fan operates in a capacity range of 117,000 to 780,000 m3/h, with an electric power consumption of up to 1.5 kW and a speed of up to 55 rpm. LEO H is an efficient HVLS(High Volume Low Speed) industrial fan that is capable of pumping large volumes of air while consuming low electricity.

Thanks to its unique design and advanced algorithms, this fan is capable of pumping between 117,000 and 780,000 m3/h of air at an electrical consumption of up to 1.5 kW and a speed of up to 55 rpm.

LEO H baner

Basic parameters

Basic parameters
Diameter up to 7,3 m
Coverage up to 1300 m2
Speed up to 55 rpm

A powerful motor with low power (1.5 kW) and high efficiency (over 90%) consumes a small amount of electricity.

High-quality design, reliable electric motor and adequate thickness of materials contribute to the high efficiency of the device.

Simple automation allows easy operation of the fan.

Reduced cost of traditional (or existing) cooling/heating.

Functionality of HVLS devices


The primary function that the LEO H fan performs is to set air in motion and mix it throughout the room. Through this process, the temperature differences between the air at floor and ceiling level are balanced out, effectively preventing heat loss and providing a more comfortable temperature inside the room. The fan also prevents the formation of so-called "dead zones", i.e. zones in which the air does not move.

destratyfikacja leo h

Heating effect

Also referred to as "apparent heating", it involves moving the warm air masses stored under the ceiling downwards to a lower zone, which leads to an equalisation of the temperature gradient in the building. This results in a significant reduction in energy requirements for reheating the facility. The prerequisite for this effect is that the hall is adequately heated.

The cooling effect

Also referred to as "apparent cooling", involves moving the air masses accumulated under the ceiling downwards to a lower zone, resulting in a "draught" effect and thus apparent cooling. This results in a significant reduction in energy requirements for conventional cooling of the facility, such as through air conditioning. This effect is also achieved when air with a higher temperature than that currently in the cooled zone is pumped.

leo h heating
leo h cooling

SYSTEM FLOWAIR, the intelligent control

LEO H fan is equipped with a complete power and control automation system. Two automation options are available. As standard, the device is equipped with a control box with an on/off switch and a potentiometer for manual control.  On request, we can provide a T-box Zone controller, enabling both manual and automatic operation in FLOWAIR SYSTEM.

LEO H technical data

LEO H 2.4 LEO H 3.6 LEO H 4.9 LEO H 6.1 LEO H 7.3
Diameter [m] 2,4 3,6 4,9 6,1 7,3
Motor power [kW] 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Voltage [V] 400 400 400 400 400
Speed [obr./min.] 55 55 50 50 50
Adjustment range [%] 30 ­- 100 30 -­ 100 30 -­ 100 30  -­ 100 30  -­ 100
Discharge [m3/h] 390 000 516 000 600 000 690 000 780 000
Area served [m2] 700 800 1000 1100 1300
Maximum ventilated diameter [m] 9 13,5 18 22,5 27
Optimum installation height [m] 4,0­-6,0 4,0-­6,0 4,5-­8,0 4,5­-9,0 4,5-­9,0
Mass [kg] 125 136 140 145 155
Noise [dBA] 2m 55 53 51 50 48

LEO H installation

The LEO H fan is mounted to the ceiling with suitable accessories for various types of surfaces. First, a mounting bracket is installed, to which the core with the motor is attached. If necessary, it is also possible to use an extension element between the handle and the motor. In the third stage, the fan blades are attached to the core with the motor. The final step is to install the stabilising cables and connect the control and power system.

leo h

Download files

Want to learn more about the product? Check the technical documentation, design files or marketing materials prepared for you.

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