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leo EX

LEO EX water heater

The LEO EX water heater belongs to the category of special-purpose equipment. The unit is equipped with an explosion-proof fan, allowing it for installation in the potentially explosive area Z-2, in rooms with a hazard of explosion of gases, liquids and their vapours of explosion group IIB with T3 temperature class. The LEO EX water heater is a high-performance product that guarantees fast and efficient space heating. The technical and design features of the unit ensure safe and reliable operation, which is particularly important for use in potentially explosive rooms.

Basic parameters

Power consumption 6,1 - 57,3 kW
Air flow 3600 m3/h
Mass 34,5 kg
Casing powder-painted steel

The LEO EX unit is equipped with an ATEX-certified fan, enabling it to operate in facilities with explosive atmospheres.

The fan is placed in a specially shaped nozzle, which reduces airflow resistance, resulting in quieter operation.

When the heater is installed horizontally, under the ceiling, it is possible to direct the air in two directions to distribute the warm air over a larger area of the room.

leo ex control

FLOWAIR SYSTEM, the intelligent control

The control of the LEO EX heater is selected individually depending on the level of explosion hazard present in a particular facility. The explosion-proof automation is available in two versions:

  • EX LITE - power and control cabinet designed for operation outside the EX zone. The cabinet includes all the necessary safety features to control the motor located in the EX zone;
  • EX PLUS - power and control cabinet designed for operation outside the EX zone. It includes a thermostat (ATEX), all the necessary safety features to control a motor located in the EX zone, a thermostat designed for operation in the zone (ATEX), a weekly programmer.

    Each version can be expanded to control several units from a single location.

LEO EX technical data

Max. air flow [m3/h] 3600
Power consumption [kW] 6,1 - 57,3
Nominal heating capacity (70/50/16oC) [kW] 22,1
Power supply [V/Hz] Y - 3x400/51
Max. current consumption [A] Y - 0,52
Max. power consumption [W] Y - 291
IP / Isolation class 45 / F
Sound pressure level [dB(A)]* 59,5
Sound power level [dB(A)]**  75
Isometric horizontal range [m]*** 19
Non-isothermal vertical range [m]****  6,7
Max. heating water temperature [oC] 130
Max. operating pressure [MPa] 1,6
Connection ["] ¾
Type of casing powder-painted steel
Color grey
Usage Inside buildings
Maximum operational temperature [oC] 50
Position of operation Can be installed in any desired position
Mass of unit [kg] 34,5
Mass of unit filled with water [kg] 36,6
* Acoustic pressure level at a distance of 5 m from the unit, in the room of medium capabillity of sound absorption and 1500 m3 of cubic measure.
** zgodnie z normą PN-EN ISO3744
*** Range of horizontal, isothermal air stream at 0,5 m/s speed limits
****Range of vertical nonisothermal air stream, at ΔT = 5oC at 0,5m/s velocity limit
The range of heating power with parameters below:
- min: 1st gear/speed of fan, temperature of heating medium 40/30°C, air temperature at the inlet 20°C
- max. 3rd gear/speed of fan, temperature of heating medium 120/90°C, Air temperature at the inlet 0°C.

LEO EX installation

LEO EX units are mounted using mounting brackets.

leo ex installation

LEO EX dimensions

wymiary leo ex

Download files

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