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nagrzewnica elektryczna LEO EL

Electric heater LEO EL

The LEO EL BMS electric heater is a solution for medium and large industrial and commercial facilities where there is no access to other heat sources, such as gas or water systems. The body of the heater is made of steel, which guarantees durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The heater is equipped with a heat exchanger consisting of PTC-type heating elements that adjust their temperature according to the airflow. Due to the special design of the heating elements, the heater ensures maximum utilisation of heating power at each heating level.

Product description

In terms of investment, an HVAC system based on electric heaters is one of the simplest and cheapest options, as it limits the outlay to the purchase of the unit and the necessary wiring. 

In addition, using intelligent SYSTEM FLOWAIR control, the units know exactly when to operate to provide comfortable temperature. The T-box controller with touchscreen display, which is the brain of the SYSTEM, also controls all devices from one place. This translates not only into user comfort, but also into operational savings.

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Basic parameters

Heating capacity 5,3 - 22,8 kW
Heating capacity 1200 - 4250 m3/h
Mass 19,7 / 27,8 kg
Casing steel

LEO EL BMS heaters are equipped with PTC heating elements that adjust their temperature relative to the airflow. The design of the heating elements ensures maximum utilisation of their heating power at each heating level, resulting in faster room heating.

Protects the devices from overheating and interrupts their operation if the temperature is too high.

The LEO EL BMS heater can operate in automatic destratification mode, that is, it can work with destratifiers to use the heat stored under the ceiling. This makes it possible to ensure comfortable thermal conditions at the facility and at the same time reduce heating costs, since the heaters can operate at a lower power or only in case of insufficient heat under the ceiling.

The ventilation mode allows the unit's operation to be optimally adapted to the needs of the building and to provide maximum comfort for the occupants.


SYSTEM FLOWAIR, the intelligent control

The LEO EL electric heater works within the BMS and the FLOWAIR SYSTEM, the intelligent control that responsibly manages the energy in the facility. Centrally controlled systems result in real savings and ensure comfortable temperature all year round.

Advantages of the device

  • Low investment cost - there is no need to purchase a heating boiler and run a water, gas or chimney system.
  • Space-saving - there is no need to reserve space for a heating source, such as a heat pump or boiler.
  • No need for regular inspections as with equipment running on fossil fuels.
  • High efficiency of the heating system.
  • Minimalism of the system.

Cooperation with mixing chamber

The LEO EL BMS heater works together with the KM EL mixing chamber to create the simplest mechanical ventilation system to supply fresh (outside) air to a building. Depending on the needs, the supply air stream can be heated via PTC electric heating elements and blown into the facility. The chamber is equipped with 3 air inlets: two for recirculated air and one for fresh air. In addition, it is also possible to infinitely adjust the degree of opening of the air inlet dampers from 0 to 100%.

Complete automation included

LEO EL electric heater comes equipped with comprehensive power-control and protection automation, which facilitates the control of the device and protects against overheating of heating elements and fan.

nagrzewnica elektryczna LEO EL


Wide range of installation options

LEO EL BMS heater is designed for wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted indoor installation. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally with the help of a swivel console, which allows the unit to be repositioned and facilitates access to the control box or fan.

LEO EL heaters can be mounted vertically and horizontally. When mounting, be sure to keep the recommended distances from partitions. For ceiling mounting, the mounting height should be selected according to the non-isometric vertical range.

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LEO EL technical data

Heating capacity [kW] 5,3 - 10,8  6,8 - 22,8
Max. air flow [m3/h] 2000 4250
Power supply [V/Hz] 3x400 3x400
Rated current [A]* 15,6 33,3
IP  20 20
Sound pressure level [dB(A)]** 56,3 64,1
Sound power level [dB(A)]*** 71,4 79,2
Horizontal range  [m]**** 14 24
Vertical range  [m]***** 5,3 8,3
Type of casing powder-painted steel powder-painted steel
Color grey grey
Usage Inside buildings Inside buildings
Operational temperature [oC] 0...+50 0...+50
Position of operation vertically on the wall, horizontally under the ceiling vertically on the wall, horizontally under the ceiling
Mass [kg] 19,7 27,8
*Temperature of 0°C at the inlet, 3rd gear/speed of fan
**Acoustic pressure level at the distance of 5 m from the unit, in the room of medium capability of sound absorption and 1500 m3 of cubature
***Acoustic power conforms with PN-EN ISO 3744:2011
****Range of horizontal isothermal air stream, at 0,5 m/s velocity limit.
*****Range of vertical nonisothermal air stream, at 20°C at the inlet, 0.5 m/s velocity limit

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Dimensions LEO EL

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Download files

Want to learn more about the product? Check the technical documentation, design files or marketing materials prepared for you.

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