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Slim air curtain

Slim air curtain is a device that prevents uncontrolled air flow by creating an invisible air barrier. Its main function is to isolate the room from external factors such as cold, heat, exhaust fumes, dust or insects. The Slim air curtain comes in white or black as standard. However, thanks to its design and construction, it can be made in any RAL colour.

Product description

The air curtain is equipped with a motion sensor that activates the unit when it detects movement in the environment, so the air curtain knows itself when to operate. No additional door sensor or automation is required. The Slim air curtain has been designed to fit 99% of door openings. Thanks to the unique design and components used, in silent mode, the noise level generated does not exceed that of a conversation. The unit is available in three sizes: 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m and in three versions: with water exchanger, with electric heaters and without heat exchanger.

Thanks to the built-in buttons on the side of the device and the motion sensor, the device is a Plug&Play system as standard, but Slim is also adapted to operate as part of the intelligent FLOWAIR SYSTEM. Centrally controlled devices know exactly when to operate, which results in a variety of savings. The T-box controller with touchscreen display, which is the brain of the SYSTEM, also controls all devices from one place.

Slim baner

Basic parameters

Basic parameters
Max. range 3,2 m
Air flow 750-3000 m3/h
Mass 14,7- 26,9 kg
Cassing steel
Color white with black elements or deep black

The unit has a built-in control to enable automatic operation in relation to the signal from the motion sensor. This allows the air curtain to know when to operate. Buttons located on the side of the curtain allow the user to easily and quickly change the mode of operation.

The unit is designed to work with an external filter module, which improves air quality and protects the unit from the ingress of dirt and other contaminants into the room.

Slim curtain is designed to be unobtrusive. It works quietly even when operating at peak performance.

The unit fits 99% of door openings — it is the narrowest curtain on the market with sizes of 1m, 1.5m, 2m equally.

Air curtain perfect for service facilities

Slim air curtain, thanks to its design, minimalist appearance, and quiet operation, is perfect for service facilities and aesthetics. In addition, the motion sensor together with the built-in buttons makes the device virtually maintenance-free.


SYSTEM FLOWAIR, the intelligent control

As standard, the Slim air curtain has built-in buttons for automatic adjustment of the unit in relation to the signal from the motion sensor. The air curtain is also adapted to be controlled by TS automation and can operate as part of the BMS and FLOWAIR SYSTEM, i.e. intelligent control that responsibly manages energy at the facility.

Slim technical data

Slim E-100 Slim W-100 Slim N-100 Slim E-150 Slim W-150 Slim N-150 Slim E-200 Slim W-200 Slim N-200
Power [V/Hz] 1N - 230/50 3N - 3x400/50 230 / 50 230 / 50 1N - 230/50 3N - 3x400/50 230 / 50 230 / 50 1N - 230/50 3N - 3x400/50 230 / 50 230 / 50
Max power consumption [kW] 1N - 2 3N - 5 0,115 0,14 1N - 3 3N - 9 0,165 0,2 1N - 4 3N - 12 0,23 0,23
Max current consumption [A] 8,5 0,5 0,6 13 0,7 0,8 17,3 1 1
IP 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Connection [``] - 1/2 - - 1/2 - - 1/2 -
Capacity [m3/h](1) 800-1300 750-1100 800-1400 1250-2200 1200-1950 1300-2300 1900-3000 1400-2850 1300-3000
Sound pressure level 5m [dB(A)](2) 43-55,5 45-54,5 42,5-57 40-54 44-56 41-56 42-57 37-58 33.5-56
Sound pressure level 3m [dB(A)](2) 44-56,5 46-55,5 43,5-58 41-55 45-57 42-57 43-58 38-59 34,5-57
Sound power level [dB(A)](3) 59-71,5 61-70,5 58,5-73 56-70 59-72 56-72 60-73 53-74 49,5-72
Heating power [kW](4) 2-5 1,2-12,1 - 3-9 2,6-21,0 - 4-12 3,7-29,3 -
Max heating water temperature [oC] - 110 - - 110 - - 110
Max operating pressure [MPa] - 1,6 - - 1,6 - - 1,6 -
Temperature increase (T)[oC](4) 4,0-24,0 3,0-32,5 - 6,0-32,0 4,0-32,0 - 6,0-32,0 4,0-30,5 -
Mass of the device [kg] 15,1 16,2 14,7 19,6 21,5 19 24,6 26,9 23,8
Range [m](1) 3,2 3,2 3,2 3,2 3,2 3,2 3,2 3,2 3,2
(1) According to ISO 27327-1;
(2) The sound pressure level in a room with an average sound absorption 1500 m3; direction coefficient Q=2;
(3) Sound power level according to ISO 27327-2;
(4) SLIM W, power and temperature range specified for the parameters: fan speed III, heating medium temperature 40/30 ° C temperature at the inlet to the device 20 ° C - fan speed III, heating medium temperature 110/90 ° C temperature at the inlet to the device 0 ° C; SLIM E power range for operation at 1N 230/50 to operation at 3N 400/50;

Do you need to check the heating power of the device or select it for the facility?

Slim installation

Vertical and horizontal mounting

Slim air curtain can be mounted using mounting brackets (directly to concrete partitions) or on pins at glazed doors, forming an almost invisible line with the door leaf. However, if the space above the door is less than 25 cm, vertical mounting, using mounting brackets (as for horizontal mounting), is also possible.

montaż kurtyny Slim

Slim dimensions

wymiary Slim 100
wymiary Slim 150
wymiary Slim 200

Download files

Want to learn more about the product? Check the technical documentation, design files or marketing materials prepared for you.

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