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ELiS B air curtain

ELiS B air curtain is a solution that creates an air barrier, reducing the losses associated with the exchange of air between the room and the outside environment. The distinguishing feature of this air curtain is that it can be mounted on the ceiling, making it practically invisible. Thanks to the adjustable outlet slats, the user can adapt the barrier to the conditions at the door opening.

Product description

The unit comes in three sizes: 1m, 1.5m and 2m, and in three versions: with water exchanger, with electric heaters and without heating. The ELiS B air curtain is designed so that it can be installed on existing ceiling installations. The air curtain is very quiet and perfect for representative buildings.

The device comes, as standard, with a DRV control module, which allows you to connect it to the intelligent FLOWAIR SYSTEM. Centrally controlled devices know exactly when to operate, which results in a variety of savings. The T-box controller with touchscreen display, which is the brain of the SYSTEM, also controls all devices from one place.

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Basic parameters

Basic parameters
Maximum range 5,0 m
Air flow 2200 - 6600 m3/h
Mass 31,7-53,2 kg
Cassing aluminium, plastic, steel

The unit is suitable for installation on existing ceilings without the need to cut additional service holes.

The unit's small dimensions and inlet and outlet elements, for which the unit's anodised aluminium profiles have been adopted, allow the unit to be installed in high-standard facilities.

the use of an indoor air curtain reduces energy losses due to air mixing. It prevents the influx of cold air into the heated space in winter and the influx of warm air into the air-conditioned space in summer, thus keeping the temperature at the optimum level.

ELiS B air curtain is suitable for painting. The unit comes in white as standard, but a wider range of colours is available on request.


SYSTEM FLOWAIR, the intelligent control

The ELiS B air curtain is equipped with a DRV automation system for integration within the BMS system and into the FLOWAIR SYSTEM, which is an intelligent control that responsibly manages energy in the facility. Centrally controlled systems result in real savings and ensure comfortable temperature all year round. The devices can also be controlled by basic TS automation.

ELiS B technical data

ELiS B-W-100 ELiS B-W-100 2R ELiS B-N-100 ELiS B-E-100 ELiS B-W-150 ELiS B-W-150 2R ELiS B-N-150 ELiS B-E-150
Power supply [V/Hz] 230 / 50 230 / 50 230 / 50 3 x400 / 50 230 / 50 230 / 50 230 / 50 3 x400 / 50
Power consumption [kW] 0,34 0,34 0,42 7,5 0,36 0,36 0,42 11,5
Current consumption [A] 1,5 1,5 1,9 11 1,6 1,6 2 16,6
IP 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21
Insulation class F F F F F F F F
Connection ["] ½” ½” - - ½” ½” - -
Air flow [m3/h] 2600 2400 3500 2600 4000 3800 4800 4000
Acoustic pressure level  [dB(A)]* 58 57 65 58 62 60 65 62
Sound power level [dB]**  73 72 80 73 77 75 80 77
Max. water temperature [moC] 95 95 - - 95 95 - -
Max. operating pressure [MPa] 1,6 1,6 - - 1,6 1,6 - -
Mass [kg] 32,3 33,7 31,7 34,5 41,2 43,7 38,9 42,4
Mass of unit filled with water [kg] 33,1 35,2 - - 42,4 45,7 - -
Range [m]*** 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
* acoustic pressure level measured in the room with average sound absorption, capacity 500 m3, at distance of 2 m from the unit.
**according to ISO 27327-2
*** according to ISO 27327-1

Do you need to check the heating power of the device or select it for the facility?

ELiS B installation

Wide range of installation options

ELiS B air curtain is mounted horizontally. The unit is fitted as standard with brackets which, using pins, allow the curtain to be mounted.

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Download files

Want to learn more about the product? Check the technical documentation, design files or marketing materials prepared for you.

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