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Control systems for Cube O

System flowair strefowość

Control all your devices from one place

FLOWAIR's offering is not limited to an extensive range of products but also encompasses various control options. We can provide a simple control based on standard controllers, however, our primary solution is the FLOWAIR SYSTEM. This modern solution allows for device communication, controlled via an intelligent T-box controller.

Capabilities and functionalities of the available control types

T-box regulation
Manual 3-step air flow regulation
Modes - Heating / ventilation
Operation based on door sensor and temperature feedback
Weekly programmer
Delay time of the curtain
Idle speed
Integration with SYSTEM FLOWAIR
Weekly programmer for a group of devices
Weekly programmer for each zone
Individual settings for each zone
Individual description of the controlled zone
Antifreeze for each zone
Max. number of controlled units 31

Regulation T-box for Cube O

Basic functions:

  • room thermostat,
  • ability to read and set operating modes and parameters,
  • operating modes: cooling / heating / ventilation,
  • capability to manage up to 31 devices or zones with a single controller,
  • local regulation of heater operation (with the use of an optional temperature sensor),
  • antifreeze – automatic protection against excessive temperature reduction in the room,
  • weekly programmer,
  • possibility of integration with BMS (Building Management System),
  • integration of devices into the FLOWAIR SYSTEM.
sterowanie T-box
regulacja Cube 0