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Control systems for Cube rooftops

Control all your devices from one place

FLOWAIR's offering is not limited to an extensive range of products but also encompasses various control options. We can provide a simple control based on standard controllers, however, our primary solution is the SYSTEM FLOWAIR. This modern solution allows for device communication, controlled via an intelligent T-box controller.

System flowair strefowość
sterowanie Cube

As standard, each Rooftop Cube is equipped with an advanced Siemens Climatix controller. Proprietary algorithms and operating modes guarantee comfort with minimal energy consumption. Intuitive operation combined with extended communication possibilities allow the system to be adjusted to individual needs.  Rooftop Cube can be connected to the intelligent SYSTEM FLOWAIR as well as the BMS.

Communication and BMS

  • External communication by protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP / IP, BAC net.
  • Possibility to purchase  monitoring service:
                  - devices under the supervision of an authorized service center,
                  - immediate service response,
                  - possibility to remotely update the software,
                  - greater security.
  • Possibility to purchase remote access:
                  - built-in module for wireless communication,
                  - access to settings and readings of operating parameters,
                  - access via a web browser from anywhere in the world.
    We invite you for more information regarding online monitoring.

Control systems for Cube rooftops

Basic functions:

  • integration of Roofotp units into the SYSTEM FLOWAIR ,
  • room thermostat,
  • modes: cooling/ heating / ventilation,
  • possibility of connecting up to 31 different devices or zones using single controller,
  • the possibility to read and set operating modes and parameters,
  • weekly programmer,
  • ability to connect to BMS.
sterowanie T-box