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Control of LEO mixing chambers KM

System flowair strefowość

Control all your devices from one place

FLOWAIR's offering is not limited to an extensive range of products but also encompasses various control options. We can provide a simple control based on standard controllers, however, our primary solution is the FLOWAIR SYSTEM. This modern solution allows for device communication, controlled via an intelligent T-box controller.

Capabilities and functionalities of the available control types

T-box regulation
Manual 3-step air flow regulation
Automatic 3-step air flow regulation
Modes - Heating / ventilation
Weekly programmer
Integration with FLOWAIR SYSTEM
Weekly programmer for each zone
Individual settings for each zone
Individual description of the controlled zone
Antifreeze for each zone
Maximum number of devices supported directly by the controller 31
Maximum number of devices supported through additional distributors n/d

Regulation T-box for KM LEO

Basic functions:

  • manual and automatic 3-step air flow regulation
  • fan operation in:
    - continuous mode - after reaching set temperature, heating medium is cutted off while fan is operating at selected step,
    - intermittent mode - after reaching set temperature, heating medium is cutted off and fan is turned off,
  • room thermostat,
  • operating modes: heating / cooling / ventilation,
  • possibility to connect max. 31 units via single controller,
  • local regulation of unit operation (using optional temperature sensor)
  • antifreeze – automatic protection against too low temperature in the room,
  • weekly programmer,
  • possibility of connection to BMS,
  • integration with FLOWAIR SYSTEM - control of operation of LEO, ELiS, OXeN units via single T-box controller.
sterowanie T-box

Block diagrams for the LEO EL heater

Control elements